Advanced Biomechanical Engineering for Elite Sports

Why are we different?

If you want different results, don’t do always the same. At Sports Biomechanical Engineering want the best results for our clients and for this reason, we are different…

Multidisciplinary team composed by PhD in Engineering, Sports Science and Physiotherapy.

Great experience in high technology for biomechanical measurement and analysis in different activity areas.

From Big Data to Small Data and the generation of KPIs.

Leading international partners in development of biomechanical analysis systems.

Studies in the real environment of the athlete, training or competition, indoor or outdoor and with no prepation time for the athlete.

Use of leading technology in research for clinical use.

What do we offer at Sports Biomechanical Engineering?

Advanced biomechanics based on knowledge, experience and high technology.


Biomechanical studies we develop are based on the 3 basis of biomechanics: Movement, Force and Electromyography.


The last research technology in biomechanics for clinical use in elite sports, removing the preparation time of the athlete.


Advanced training in advanced sports biomechanics adapted to the requirements and needs of every working team.

Advanced Biomechanical Engineering for Elite Sports

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